“Samantha is one the best marketing and PR professionals I have worked with. She can do it all…manage events, press, analyst, website, white papers, case studies and CRM too. What I respect most about Samantha is her incredible integrity coupled with her amazing work ethic. Never, and I mean never, did Samantha ever miss a deadline or deliver anything but the best quality ideas and work. She always goes the extra mile to deliver top-shelf work. Our partners have shared with me often how much they respect and like working on projects. Samantha can be trusted to lead, deliver and make a impactful difference while making it look easy and winning friends along the way.”

“We engaged Samantha to help us with our PR efforts when I was the director of marketing at a company [now part of Cisco]. Through her solid and extensive connections in technology – and for us, security specifically – we were able to get great coverage and analyst attention in a crowded, noisy market. Based in part on her efforts, we had a successful exit through an acquisition by Cisco. It’s rare to find such a solid combination of technology understanding, domain expertise, and a personable, effective working style. I would wholeheartedly recommend Samantha and would be happy to work with her again.”

“I would like to provide a reference for Samantha Leggat based on my experience in working with her while I was the CEO of a network security company. Samantha was a pleasure to work with and we found her advice and counsel to be extremely valuable. She was recognized as an expert within the industry and her knowledge of the many efficient avenues for publicity proved to be very valuable to us. I especially appreciated Samantha’s ability to consider the business objectives for all of our publicity projects and her appreciation of the cost benefit equation. She was remarkably flexible and due to her outstanding relationships and reputation within the security industry and the media she made many opportunities available that I do not believe would have been available to us without her.”

“I last worked with Samantha Leggat during the late 1990s and early 2000s. And yet, the collaborative experience and guidance she provided remains top of mind. In many ways, Samantha represented much more than our public relations consultant. She became a member of our marketing team. She immersed herself in our solutions and goals and drove our positioning, press relations and analyst efforts from this position of expertise. Of greater importance, Samantha also generated great results. We regularly won the product reviews in which we entered, and we established a name in the community that far exceeded our install base or revenue. This was very much a direct result of Samantha’s efforts.”

“Samantha effortlessly combines expert knowledge of her craft, professionalism of the highest quality, and a friendly, collaborative style. Samantha’s seasoned affiliations with industry analysts made meetings with them unusually productive. Samantha and I collaborated on numerous product messaging initiatives, where she impressed with her quick grasp of complex technical material and ability to translate details into a clear, business-focused message. It was a delight to work with Samantha, and I’d welcome the chance to do so again.”

For specifics on these references (serious inquiries only), call Samantha @ 925.447.5300.

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